Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinner Out: Five Guys!

Today was a day I forgot to eat lunch and tonight it was just me and the boy so I felt I was justified in a dining splurge. And by dining splurge I mean a calorie splurge. So one of my guilty pleasures is a cheeseburger (with mustard and pickles no less) so off to Five Guys Burgers and Fries we went. How do you say no to peanuts right before dinner when he loves them so?
I got my usual, little man got his kosher dog and we shared some fries. I may be playing some Just Dance tonight to work off some of it but it was delicious.
I have had In n' Out and I had my first taste of Smashburger when I was out in Arizona this spring. But Five Guys will always hold a special place in my burger loving heart...if for no other reason than it was what I had when we brought our little guy home from the hospital. Happy food memories!

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